Welcome to the
Miamiville Trailyard

Now Serving Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday!

A Relaxing Open-Air Restaurant
Right on the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail!  

What's the Trailyard?

The Miamiville TrailYard is a unique restaurant at a great location right on the Little Miami Scenic Trail. With an emphasis on our great outdoor space and warm, casual atmosphere for the trail enthusiasts and yes, the trail watchers too.

As a great restaurant, we have a wide variety of appetizers, salads, gourmet burgers, wings, chicken entrees, and a selection of vegetarian options. The TrailYard will be open daily for lunch and dinner.

As a great destination, the TrailYard has a welcoming atmosphere for everyone of all ages, including your favorite four-legged friend, in the relaxing outdoor “Yard on the Trail”.

Here’s a few more details you’ll like: We have sidewalks all around to make it safer for bikes and trikes and walkers. And we have a beautiful 2nd floor event loft for semi-private gatherings and a cool view.

Then there's our hand-painted vintage mural to pay homage to the town of Miamiville. After all, Miamiville is in our name!

Overall, we think you'll find it comforting and inviting.

Our Story

Miamiville is a charming community nestled between the Little Miami Bike Trail and Little Miami Scenic River. This wonderful area has been a hidden gem for bicyclers, canoers, nature enthusiasts, history buffs and families, young and old, for decades. It was no surprise that a local family had the vision of a unique indoor-outdoor restaurant, right ON the trail. Joining with a West-side family and an East-side family, all with many years of restaurant experience, their vision began to become reality.  As the East and West shared a dream, the planets started to align!  Miamiville Trailyard was born.


Miamiville was established in 1849 and has some surprising history.  Walking around this tranquil area today you would not imagine that, in this same area, an important Civil War battle occurred in 1863, resulting in Morgan’s Raiders derailing a train heading to Camp Dennison’s Union training Camp.   Abraham Lincoln passed through Miamiville on his way to his inauguration as the President of the United States as a passenger on the Little Miami Railroad. The historic Miami Boat Club operated in this area a speakeasy during the 1920-30’s and hosted parties with big bands and famous crooners, including Frank Sinatra and Harry Belafonte.

 Miamiville TrailYard thanks you for joining us as we relax in the past, talk and laugh about today and dream of tomorrow.  


Trailyard Hours

Monday - Thursday 
11am - 10pm

11am - 11pm

9am - 11pm

9am - 10pm



Our Location

We are located in beautiful Miamiville. It’s only 7 minutes from downtown Montgomery, 6 minutes from Old Milford, and 11 minutes from the center of Loveland! It’s on the corner of Route 126 and Wards Corner Road, only a mile west from the 275 exit. And when you’re on a bike, it’s halfway between Milford and Loveland on the bike trail ( mm 47.5 ), and we intend to make it your favorite stop. (Google maps displays Loveland, but it's really Miamiville; either will get you here if you use 368 Center STREET)

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